Preparedness for Businesses

An estimated 40% of businesses do not reopen after a major disaster. Developing a business continuity plan and getting prepared can help your business survive after an emergency.

Encourage your employees and coworkers to be individually prepared for emergencies, both at work and at home.

See Business Assistance for more business development resources.

Make a Plan

Get your business prepared for emergencies by following these planning steps:

  1. Know the hazards that could impact your business and conduct a risk assessment. A risk assessment is a process to identify hazards and analyze what could happen if a hazard occurs.
  2. Conduct a business impact analysis. This analysis predicts the potential consequences to a business if a hazard identified during risk assessment occurs.
  3. Create a business continuity plan.
  4. Review your insurance policies annually.
  5. Protect your tax information and vital records.
  6. Develop and test emergency evacuation and shelter-in-place plans(PDF, 186KB).

Business Recovery

The following resources may be available to help your business after an interruption from a disaster. See the Washington State Business Recovery Guide(PDF, 1MB)  for more information.

FEMA Disaster Assistance During a federally declared disaster FEMA may stand up their Disaster Assistance program to help survivors and business owners with recovery information, support, and services.

US Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance
Small Business Administration provides low-interest disaster loans to help businesses and homeowners recover from declared disasters..

Tax Relief in Disasters
Special tax law provisions may help taxpayers and businesses recover financially after a disaster. Visit the IRS Disaster Assistance and Emergency Relief website for federal tax information and the Washington Department of Revenue website for state tax information.

Disaster Unemployment Assistance
Self-employed persons may qualify for disaster unemployment if they are out of work because of a disaster and are not covered by regular unemployment insurance.


Kirkland Businesses
City of Kirkland business information.

Kirkland Chamber of Commerce
Chamber of Commerce website.

Washington State Business Preparedness
Preparedness and recovery information from the Washington Emergency Management Division.

Washington State Business Re-Entry
The Washington Business Re-Entry (BRE) registration system provides statewide consistency in identifying business representatives with a critical need to access facilities or infrastructure located within a disaster impacted area.

Business Insurance
Commercial general liability insurance information from the WA Office of the Insurance Commissioner.

WA Labor & Industries
Washington State L&I Website.

Business Preparedness
Preparedness information for businesses. 

Business Emergency Planning Guide(PDF, 1010KB)
This document helps guide business owners through the planning process.

Sample Business Emergency Plan(PDF, 337KB)
A sample plan template for business continuity and disaster preparedness.

Small Business Administration
Preparedness information for small businesses. 

Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety

The IBHS researches construction standards for various hazards and provides guidance to homeowners, businesses, and facility managers.