About Emergency Management

Have a question about hazards in the Kirkland community? Not sure how to get started with preparedness? Want to request a preparedness presentation for your community group? We're here to help!

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 About Emergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management is part of the Kirkland Fire Department. Emergency Management coordinates emergency planning, response, recovery, and preparedness efforts for the City.

What Emergency Management Does

A disaster is an event that goes beyond the scope of local resources. Normally, response agencies like FirePolicePublic Works, and Parks & Community Services can handle emergencies, but during a disaster these agencies may be overwhelmed or unable to respond normally. Emergency Management provides coordination and control between responders, City departments, volunteers, and other stakeholders to respond effectively to disasters and emergencies.

When there's not an active incident, Emergency Management writes emergency plans, conducts training and exercises, teaches preparedness classes, and helps Kirkland get ready for emergencies.

This video is a good summary of Emergency Management's role in Kirkland: