Residential Rent, Mortgage, and Utility Relief Program

The City of Kirkland closed the application window for rent and mortgage relief on Tuesday, April 12, 2022. There is the possibility of reopening the program to assist with 2022 arrears at a future date. Please refer back to the webpage or sign up to be on the notification list by emailing  

If you are in need of assistance now, please refer to the following list of resources:

For additional resources, visit the City’s webpage for residents impacted by COVID-19 here.If you have additional questions, please email or call (425) 587-3326


Contact Housing Help at or (425) 587-3326.

  • Why are you closing the application portal? 
    The City is shifting its focus to prioritize working with King County to serve Kirkland households who will not be served by EPRAP.  
  • Will the City reopen the portal for assistance?
    It depends. Once the City has served all EPRAP households that are eligible, the City will determine if additional funds are available for assistance. 
  • Why are folks not eligible for 2022 arrears for the current program?
    The City is prioritizing households who have 2020 and 2021 arrears currently. Once 2020 and 2021 arrears have been addressed, the City will assess funding and determine if the City can support households with 2022 arrears. 
  • Will the City consider reopening it to help people with 2022 arrears?
    Yes, the City will consider reopening the portal if funds are available. The City plans to keep stakeholders updated.