Business Assistance

Startup 425

Startup 425 is a collaborative effort to expand entrepreneurship opportunities across Eastside communities by helping you turn that idea into reality. We believe great business is built upon and centered around an idea. Startup 425 is an alliance of five cities bound by an Interlocal Agreement, and is administered by the City of Kirkland. 

The mission of Startup 425 is to provide access to tools that experienced workers, students, and entrepreneurs need to go from idea to working business in a successful, sustainable manner. We lower the barriers to entry for non-traditional and first-time founders. This keeps our ecosystem diverse, encourages spontaneous collaboration, and provides pathways to prosperity for our whole community.

The talented individuals working at Eastside institutions like Microsoft, Google, Boeing, Valve, and others create an energy where innovation is the norm, entrepreneurship is the goal, and building the future is the outcome.



Business Impact NW

Small Business Association

Business Assistance Specifically for BIPOC Communities

The effects of COVID-19 have negatively affected all Washingtonians, but Washington’s small business, especially those from marginalized communities, have been hit especially hard. The City of Kirkland strongly supports an equitable recovery for all of its communities. The Washington State Department of Commerce has compiled a list of organizations who can provide culturally and linguistically relevant assistance for business owners and organizations affected by COVID-19.