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Tourism Development Committee

The Tourism Development Committee advises the Council on allocating the lodging excise tax fund for tourism promotion and is comprised of seven voting members. State statute establishes the specific makeup of the committee which consists of one member of the Kirkland City Council (who serves as chair), three representatives from organizations representing businesses required to collect the lodging tax, and three representatives of organizations involved in activities authorized to be funded by lodging tax revenue or local agencies involved in tourism promotion. Appointments are made by the City Council and membership terms are reviewed annually.

Beginning in 2002, a one percent excise tax collected on charges for lodging and motel room fees has been deposited in a lodging tax fund and used primarily for the purposes of funding tourism promotion to increase hotel occupancy, provide visitor attractions, and improve the City's overall image.

For further information about the Tourism Development Committee, please contact Lorrie McKay, Intergovernmental Relations and Economic Development Manager at (425) 587-3009.

Tourism Development Committee Appointees

Appointee  Term Expires
Toby Nixon
Chair City Council
Jac Cooper
Woodmark Hotel 
Lori Goldfarb
World Class Corporate Events 
Jeff Lockhart
Kirkland Performance Center
Phil Megenhardt
Bold Hat
Vacant  3.31.20
Vacant  3.31.20

Meeting Schedule
First Thursday every month (subject to change)
City Hall
123 5th Avenue, Kirkland
Norkirk Room
9–10 a.m.

Tourism Development Committee Minutes

RCW 67.28.080 (taken from the definitions section)

City Manager's Office
123 5th Avenue, Kirkland WA 98033

General Inquiries
T. 425.587.3001 | F. 425.587.3019