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Totem Lake Business District

Totem Lake Neighborhood and Urban Center
TOTEM-LAKE-magazine-coverThe Totem Lake Neighborhood and Urban Center is a vital employment, retail and service area for the City of Kirkland and the surrounding region. It is the City of Kirkland’s largest employment center and the highest revenue generator of all Kirkland business districts.

The Totem Lake Neighborhood contains the City’s only urban center, a designation by the State Growth Management Planning Council in 2003. Urban centers are the focus of regional growth, and in that regard are expected to incorporate high density housing (15 households per gross acre) and employment (15,000 jobs within a half mile of a transit center or 50 employees per gross acre). By 2035, Totem Lake is expected to grow from its present population of 4,680 to about 8,680, and housing units are anticipated to increase to about 5,460. Employment is expected to increase from 14,800 to 20,600.

Totem Lake Mall Redevelopment
The Totem Lake Mall was originally constructed in 1973. The Mall is located on a 26-acre site within the designated Totem Lake Urban Center. In 2015 CenterCal Properties,  LLC acquired the Totem Lake Mall property and are planning to construct a new mixed-use development on the site. Learn more about the Totem Lake Mall Redevelopment.

Totem Lake Conversations and periodic Totem Lake Symposiums bring the community together to discuss the revitalization of the Totem Lake Business District.

Cross Kirkland Corridor Business Connections
The purchase and redevelopment of the Cross Kirkland Corridor represents an important opportunity to embrace economic development goals and the City of Kirkland’s CKC Business Connections.

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