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Popular Planning Topics

The 10 Minute Neighborhood

A 10 minute neighborhood is a community where residents can walk short distances from home to destinations that meet their daily needs. The 10 Minute Neighborhood concept is a tool to quantify and map the walkability of different parts of the City based on the availability of places to walk to and availability of convenient access to those places.

Citizen Amendment Requests

The City every two to three years considers citizen amendment requests to amend the Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Code and Zoning Map. Next application deadline is December 1, 2018. See the Planning Department.

New Wetland and Stream Regulations

City of Kirkland Critical Areas Regulations - Chapter 90 Kirkland Zoning Code.

Trees and Landscaping

View information regarding tree retention requirements, removal allowances, and various landscaping lists.

Shoreline Regulations

The Shoreline Master Program applies to land within 200 feet of Lake Washington's ordinary high water mark and within wetlands connected to Juanita Bay and Yarrow Bay.

Marijuana License Info

Information regarding Initiative I-502 legalizing possession, sales, processing, and production of marijuana and how it applies in Kirkland.

Public Records Requests

The City of Kirkland has implemented a public records request portal to make the request process more efficient and transparent.  

Code Enforcement/File a Complaint

The City's Code Enforcement Program supports the City's public safety mission by investigating potential or actual violations of the City, public health, and other applicable regulations. Different City Departments investigate complaints depending on the nature of the violation.

Affordable Housing

General affordable housing information.

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