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Housing Strategy Plan Advisory Group



Neighborhood Association Aimee Voelz
Rodney Rutherford
Bill Blanchard
Kevin Coomer
Moss Bay 
South Rose Hill/Bridle Trails 
Finn Hill
North Rose Hill
Small Business Brenda Nunes Keller Williams Real Estate
Large Business Kellsey Justus Astronics
Faith community Tim King Northshore Community Church
School community Mike Potter Lake Washington Institute of Technology
Planning Commission Mike Miller
Human Services Commission Kimberly Scott
Senior Council Kathy Iverson
Houghton Community Council Kelli Curtis           
Chamber of Commerce Samantha St. John  
Kirkland Downtown Association Barbie Collins Young  
Service Organization Tom Pendergrass Kirkland Kiwanis
Affordable Housing Resident TBD  

The City of Kirkland adopted a new Comprehensive Plan in 2015.  One of the implementation strategies in that Plan is to develop a new Housing Strategy Plan.  The purpose of the Housing Strategy Plan is to identify a wide variety of tasks that the City might undertake over time to implement the current Housing Goals and Policies.  The City created the Housing Strategy Advisory Group because the Kirkland City Council wants to involve representative stakeholders from throughout the community to help formulate recommendations for the Housing Strategy Plan.

On March 7, 2017, the City Council adopted Resolution R-5246 to create the Housing Strategy Plan Advisory Group.


Meeting Packets (PDF's)

March 29, 2017  Housing Strategy Plan Update Meeting #1
(pdf 2.03 MB)
 May 3, 2017 Housing Strategy Plan Update Meeting #2
(pdf 4.94 MB)
May 31, 2017  Housing Strategy Plan Update Meeting #3
(pdf 2.7 MB) 
 June 21, 2017  Housing Strategy Plan Update Meeting #4

(pdf 0.5 MB) 

 August 30, 2017 Housing Strategy Plan Update Meeting #6
(pdf 2.6 MB)

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