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Houghton Community Council

Houghton Community
Council Members

Term Expires

Houghton Community Council
Meets the 4th Monday of the Month

Bill Goggins
December 31, 2017 HCC Map
Betsy Pringle
December 31, 2017
Rick Whitney - Chair
December 31, 2017
Kelli Curtis

Elsie Weber
December 31, 2017
Brian Gawthrop
December 31, 2017
John Kappler - Vice Chair
December 31, 2017

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HCC's jurisdictional boundary


For general planning inquiries regarding land use orzoning requirements, etc. please contact Specific questions or comments regarding an ongoingproject should be emailed directly to the planner assigned to that project.

For comments for the Houghton Community Council, contact us at

Blue Bullet  Public Meeting CalendarNOTE:  This calendar is subject to change on a daily basis.  It does not constitute legal notice.  To verify meeting information please contact the Planning and Building Department at 425.587.3600.


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Click here to access Houghton Community Council minutes and audio recordings.

Instructions for participating at Houghton Community Council public meetings is now available online.

The City of Kirkland appreciates the interest of our citizens and values public involvement. We make every effort to make the audio recordings of our meetings available soon after each meeting is completed. However, due to technical difficulty with our digital recording system it may take up to four days for an audio recording to become available online. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.



Meeting Packets (PDF's)

October 24, 2016
Joint Meeting with PC

October 24, 2016
Regular HCC Meeting
Following Joint Meeting
Joint Houghton Community Council & Planning Commission Meeting
Chapter 90 KZC Deliberation, File No. CAM15-01832 (PDF 2.7MB) 
2016 Comprehensive Plan Amendment to Capital Facilities Element Project Tables and Text, File No. CAM16-02078 (PDF 864kb)
Low Impact Development (LID) Zoning Code Amendments, File No. CAM16-02154 (PDF 485kb)

Regular Houghton Community Council Meeting
2016 Comprehensive Plan Amendment to add Facility Project Table to Capital Facilities Plan - Final Action, File No. CAM16-02078 (PDF 522kb)
Zoning Code Amendments to Sign Regulations - Content Neutrality, File No. CAM16-00954 (PDF 3MB)
Zoning Code Amendments - Marijuana Buffers, File No. CAM16-00961 (PDF 456kb) 
September 29, 2016
 Joint Planning Commission & Houghton Community Council Meeting
Chapter 90 Critical Areas, File No. CAM15-01832 (PDF 4.4MB)
Low Impact Development (LID) Proposed Amendments, File No. CAM16-02154 (PDF 1.5MB)

September 8, 2016
 Joint Houghton Community Council and Planning Commission
2016 Comprehensive Plan Amendment to add Facility Project Table to Capital Facility Plan, Public Hearing, File No. CAM16-02078
Amendments to Sign Regulations, Phase I Content Neutrality Public Hearing, File No. CAM16-00954
Houghton / Everest Neighborhood Center & 6th Street Corridor Study, File No. CAM12-00639
August 22, 2016
Amendments to Sign Regulations - Content Neutrality, File No. CAM16-00954
City Council Action on Marijuana Buffer Reduction - Zoning Code Amendment, File No. CAM16-00961
July 25, 2016
Wireless and Utility Amendments Adoption, File No. CAM15-00485
Chapter 90 KZC Amendments - Critical Areas Ordinance, File No. CAM15-01832 #3

June 27, 2016
June 23, 2016
***Final Approval cancelled.  To be discussed at a future date.

June 23, 2016
Early Start at
6:30 pm

Special Houghton Community Council Meeting
Final Approval - Amendments to the Kirkland Zoning Code, Wireless and Utility Regulations, File No. CA<15-00485

Joint Meeting with Planning Commission and Houghton Community Council
6:45 pm - Houghton/Everest Neighborhood Center and 6th Street Corridor Study, File No. CAM12-00639
7:00 - Public Hearing - Marijuana Regulations Code Amendments, File No. CAM16-00961
May 23, 2016
Chapter 90 Kirkland Zoning Code Amendments, File No. CAM15-01832 #3
May 12, 2016
Early Start
Peter Kirk Room
Joint Meeting with the Planning Commission
Buffers from Marijuana Retail Uses Zoning Code Amendment, File No. CAM16-00961
Wireless and Utility Regulations Zoning Code Amendment, File No. CAM15-00485
April 25, 2016
April 11, 2016
Houghton Community Council Applicant Interviews
March 28,2016

Planning Work Program (PDF 649kb)
Houghton/Everest Neighborhood Center Status (PDF 1MB)
Sound Transit (ST3) and City Council Letter (1.3MB)
City Council Joint Meeting Topics (PDF 181kb)

February 22, 2016 * * * MEETING CANCELLED * * *
January 28, 2016
7:00 pm
Peter Kirk Room
Council Chambers is Closed for Remodel
Joint Meeting with the Planning Commission
Chapter 90 KZC Amendments, File No. CAM15-01832 #2
Wireless and Utility KZC Amendments, File No. CAM15-00485
Houghton Community Council Meeting Will Follow Joint Meeting
Final Approval 2013-2015 Comprehensive Plan Update, File No. CAM13-00465
South Kirkland Pedestrian Bridge Connection to Cross Kirkland Corridor Trail
January 25, 2016 * * * MEETING CANCELLED * * *
December 14, 2015
Special Meeting
Discussion of Transit on the CrossKirkland Corridor
November 23, 2015 •East Bellevue Community Council Court Decision
•Rapid Transit on Cross Kirkland Corridor

October 26, 2015
Amendments to Multi-Family Parking Amendments, File No. CAM13-02032
September 28, 2015 * * * MEETING CANCELLED * * *
August 31 2015
Special Meeting
Transit Oriented Development at South Kirkland Park and Ride, File No. DRC12-00001
Right Size / Multi-family Parking Amendments, File No. CAM13-02032
August 24, 2015 * * * MEETING CANCELLED * * *
July 27, 2015 * * * MEETING CANCELLED * * *
June 25, 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update Public Hearing - File No. CAM13-00465
7:00 pm Joint Hearing - Planning Commission, Houghton Community Council and Transportation Commission
​• Transportation Element
7:30 pm Joint Hearing - Planning Commission and Houghton Community Council
​• Element Chapters and Bridle Trails, Lakeview and Central Houghton Neighborhood Plan Amendments
º Part 1
º Part 2
º Part 3
º Part 4
April 27, 2015 Transit Oriented Development Project at South Kirkland Park and Ride Follow-up
Park Element, File No. CAM13-00465 #6
Comprehensive Plan Update: Human Services, Capital Facilities, Implementation Strategies, Appendix A and C, Follow-up from City Council briefing on the General Element, File No. CAM13-00465 #6
Transportation Element, File No. CAM13-00465 #6
March 23, 2015 Marijuana Regulations Final Approval, File No. CAM14-02374
•Comprehensive Plan Update, File No. CAM13-00465 #6
Part 1
Part 2
•Update on Transit Oriented Development project at South Kirkland Park and Ride
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
February 23, 2015
Marijuana Regulations Public Hearing, File No. CAM14-02374
Charts to Tables, File No. CAM14-02011
January 26, 2015 * * * MEETING CANCELLED * * *

See Past Houghton Community Council Agenda and Meeting Packets
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