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City Work Program

Continue the implementation of the Cross Kirkland Corridor Master Plan to further the goals of Balanced Transportation, Parks and Recreation, Economic Development and Neighborhoods.

Complete the Comprehensive Plan Update and the Transportation Master Plan to further all ten Council goals.

Complete a comprehensive update of the Capital Improvement Program to incorporate the projects identified in the Kirkland 2035 master plans and Comprehensive Plan to further the goals of Public Safety, Neighborhoods, Balanced Transportation, Parks and Recreation, Housing, Economic Development and Dependable Infrastructure.

Invest Fire District #41 funds and City revenues to improve fire and emergency medical services to Finn Hill, Juanita and Kingsgate, site new north end fire stations and/or improve existing stations and operations to further the goal of Public Safety.

Continue annexation related facility investments by renovating City Hall with a focus on enhancing customer service and identifying options to expand Maintenance Center capacity for both Parks and Public Works to serve the larger City to further the goals of Neighborhoods, Economic Development, Parks and Recreation and Dependable Infrastructure.

Implement the capital, financial, legislative and organizational actions necessary to facilitate the redevelopment of Parkplace and Totem Lake Mall to further the goals of Economic Development and Financial Stability.

Provide the electorate of Kirkland the opportunity to vote on a ballot measure in 2015 or 2016 to fund an Aquatics, Recreation, and Community Center to replace the Juanita Aquatic Center to further the goals of Parks and Recreation and Economic Development.

Actively engage the Sound Transit Board to ensure that any Sound Transit ballot measure connects the Totem Lake Urban Center to the region with High Capacity Transit to further the goals of Balanced Transportation and Economic Development.

Convert all employees of the City to an email archiving system to improve City responsiveness and transparency to the public, while also reducing the cost and complexity of storing email data to further the operational values of Efficiency and Accountability.

Partner with A Regional Coalition for Housing and non-profit organizations to site a permanent Eastside women’s shelter in Kirkland to further the goals of Housing and Human Services.

Implement the Healthy Kirkland Plan, the consumer-driven healthcare initiative, including establishing and employee clinic as part of the effort to achieve sustainability of benefits to further the goal of Financial Stability.

(Adopted March 17, 2015 via Resolution R-5117)

City Council Staff Memo RE: Resolution R-5117 (PDF)  
Video Link to City Council Meeting tv_camera (Select Item # Item 10b)

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