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All your trash should go in your green dumpster. Make sure to bag all trash and double bag pet waste/kitty litter, packing pellets, and cold ashes.

Where does it all go?
Trash goes directly to the landfill where it is buried and sits there for years. Trash does not get sorted after the collection truck picks it up. Because we have limited amount of unoccupied land for landfills, it is important that everything that we put in the trash are things that really cannot be recycled or composted.

What can I put in my green dumpster?
All non-recyclable plastic, non-recyclable glass, non-recyclable paper, and non-recyclable metal go in your green dumpster. Download the complete guide.

Hazardous Waste
Oil-based paint, chemicals, pesticides, propane tanks, automobile fluids, and other hazardous materials do not belong in the trash. Qualifying businesses can use the Factoria Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Site or other sites to drop off their hazardous waste up to four times per year. Other businesses can find a vendor to collect their hazardous waste, drop off their hazardous waste at PSC, Kent, or call the Business Waste Line at (206) 263-8899 for more information.

Latex Paint
Dry out latex paint (also known as water-based paint) using one of these methods and put it in the trash with the lid off.

Miscellaneous Items
Before you put it in the trash, check out King County’s What Do I Do With... website to see if items should be disposed of somewhere else.

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