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Types of Projects

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Rain Garden Oval


Rain Gardens
Build a beautiful rain garden. Their deep, spongy soils and native plants help slow down, soak up, and naturally clean polluted water from roofs and driveways. Rain gardens also add excitement to your yard and provide a home for birds and butterflies. 

Cistern Oval
Install an easy-to-maintain cistern to store hundreds of gallons of rain water from your roof. This helps reduce the runoff while providing you with water to use for summer irrigation. 

Native Landscaping Oval
Native Landscaping
Swap out your lawn, pavement, or traditional garden with native landscaping. Native Landscaping uses a thick layer of mulch and bountiful native plants to beautify your yard, attract pollinators, and clean polluted runoff. 

Downspout Disconnection Oval
Disconnect Your Downspout
Some homes have downspouts from their roofs that drain polluted runoff directly to the stormwater system and to our creeks, lakes, and wetlands. Easily disconnect your downspout and allow that water to slowly soak in to your landscape where it can be naturally filtered. 

Tree Canopy Oval
Tree Planting
Planting trees in your yard, especially evergreens, helps absorb rainfall and slow down runoff. Trees also provide shade during the summer and can increase your property value!


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