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Yard Care

Natural Yard Care Classes

Fall Lawn Care 
Wednesday, September 20
6pm to 8pm
Kirkland Justice Center, 11750 NE 118th Street

Fall is a great time to renew the health of your lawn! Fall Lawn Care will focus on techniques for improving your soil and your lawn. Learn about aeration, top-dressing your lawn with compost, and how and when to apply organic fertilizers to grow a healthy green lawn. Discover which grass seed varieties are best suited for a Pacific Northwest lawn. Learn about the most common weeds in lawns and how to minimize their negative impacts. Take-home materials will include a good lawn care calendar and weed identification chart. Sign up for this class.links to external site

Trees & Shrubs for Urban Yards 
Wednesday, September 27
6pm to 8pm
Kirkland Justice Center, 11750 NE 118th Street

In Trees & Shrubs for Urban Yards, learn which varieties are ideal for urban yards – specifically for your yard, as well as their wildlife value and how to ensure their survival. 
Fall planting of new trees and shrubs takes advantage of increasing rainfall and cooler air temperatures. Roots grow while the plants slowly go dormant, establishing a solid foundation for spring growth. Take-home materials include a list of the best urban trees and shrubs to plant in your yard. Sign up for this class.links to external site

Hands-on Yard Care Exploration 
Saturday, September 30 
McAuliffe Park, 10824 NE 116th Street
Join us for a day of hands-on exploration of yard care techniques. The day will be broken into morning and afternoon sessions. You are welcome to join us for one or both sessions. Come and get your hands dirty in our outdoor classroom!!

Dig In for Tree & Shrub Success
10am to noon
Learn proper tree and shrub planting technique while contributing to the forest area in McAuliffe Park. We will practice good planting techniques including how and when to open up rootballs, how to dig the planting hole, how to amend the soil, and correct plant placement. Sign up for this session.links to external site

Lawn Care Round-up
1pm to 3pm
Curious about how an aerator works? Not sure what tools are best for your lawn? Here’s your opportunity to try out different lawn care tools and get your questions answered by the experts. We will have a variety of tools on hand for mowing, raking, fertilizing, edging, seeding, rolling out new lawn, and de-thatching. Sign up for this session.links to external site

What’s the Problem?

Our yards can enhance the beauty of our homes, be a source of pride and be a great place for relaxing. But in taking care of our lawns and gardens, we often use water inefficiently, produce a lot of yard waste and overuse chemicals that are bad for the environment and our families’ health.

What Can We Do? Twinberry

By making some simple changes in how we care for our yards, we can have great looking landscapes that are easier to care for and healthier for families, pets, wildlife and our environment.

Natural yard care is the practice of working with nature in the maintenance of our yards and gardens. It requires less water, less chemicals and less time than conventional yard care.

Start with these 5 steps:

1. Build healthy soil with compost and mulch
2. Plant right for your site
3. Practice smart watering
4. Think twice before using pesticides
5. Practice natural lawn care


Natural Yard Care Neighborhoodsexternal link icon- Tips, resources and materials for taking care of your yard and garden naturally. All workshop resources can be found here.

Grasscycling (PDF) – Information on mulch-mowing for a healthy yard.

The Garden Hotlineexternal link icon- Individualized solutions to garden problems that are practical, safe, effective, and natural. Ask Garden Hotline staff questions about your Northwest garden.

Northwest Native Plant Guidelinks to external site– A guide to creating your own native plant landscape. Includes a native plant guide, landscaping plans and how-to articles.

Noxious Weeds in King Countyexternal link icon- Weed identification guide and resources for noxious weed control.

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