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GIS Maps

The city GIS program is committed to providing access to its data resources, for external users as well as city staff. Selected standard map products currently available through this Internet site are:

City of Kirkland Base Map
This map shows the parcels, schools, parks and City facilities.
This map is current as of January 2014.
City of Kirkland Events Map
The Events map shows the routes of major events within the City of Kirkland.
City of Kirkland Land Use Map
This map shows the City's most recently adopted land use. The land use map is amended by ordinance on an annual basis.

City of Kirkland Sensitive Areas
This map shows the City of Kirkland's sensitive areas including, wetlands, streams (open and piped) and known salmonid locations. The sensitive areas boundaries shown on this map are approximate and have not been surveyed.
City of Kirkland Neighborhood Areas
This map shows where the neighborhood areas in Kirkland.

View all neighborhoods
For individual neighborhood maps, select from the list below menu.

City of Kirkland Emergency Routes
The Emergency Routes map shows the priority routes that the Public Works Street Department will maintain during emergency events.
Solid Waste Service Collection Day
The Solid Waste Service map shows where garbage and recycling will be picked up during the week.
Water & Sewer Service Areas
The Water and Sewer Service Area map shows the areas within the City that are served by the City of Kirkland, Northshore Utility District, City of Woodinville and the Woodinville Water District

City of Kirkland Zoning Map
This map shows the City's most recently adopted zoning designations.
Zoning map changes are adopted by ordinance.  The number of changes per
year varies.  This map is the officially adopted zoning record for the City.
gis neighborhood map image
City of Kirkland
Walking Routes
Select Neighborhood
These maps of easy walks in various Kirkland neighborhoods are provided to you by the City of Kirkland and the defined neighborhood association in cooperation with Public Health - Seattle & King County.  These maps were produced as part of a neighborhood series in 2005.

GIS Downtown Thumbnail 
City of Kirkland Downtown Map
This map shows downtown amenities such as city facilities, historic sites, shops, dining, parking and tourist attractions.


This map should be used as a guide only as amenities can change periodically.

Flow Control GIS Thumbnail 
City of Kirkland Flow Control Map
This map shows the location of flow control levels, to be used when determining storm drainage requirements for development. Areas are designated as either Level 1/Potential Direct Discharge or Level 2 Flow Control.
SMA Designations Map
City of Kirkland SMA Designations Map
This map shows the shoreline management area environment designations for the City’s waterfront properties. It is intended to be used with Chapter 83 of the City’s Zoning Code.

History of Annexation Map thumbnail 
City of Kirkland Annexation History Map
This map shows the date of each annexed area into the City of Kirkland with the first annexation in 1921 to the present.
Kirkland Orthophoto Map 
City of Kirkland Orthophoto Map
This map shows the latest orthophoto (flown Spring 2012) covering the City of Kirkland area.  The City hires a vendor to update the photo every other year typically.
Topography Map 
City of Kirkland Topography Map
This maps shows the 10-foot contour intervals for the City of Kirkland.

Landslide Hazard Map 
City of Kirkland Landslide Hazard Map
This map shows the landslide and seismic hazard areas within the City of Kirkland. It is intended to be used with Chapter 85 of the City’s Zoning Code.
Hazardous Liquid Pipelines Map
City of Kirkland Hazardous Liquid Pipelines Map
This map shows where the Olympic Pipeline is located. It is intended to be used with Chapter 118 of the City’s Zoning Code.

Users are advised that these map images are of relatively low resolution for Internet publication; other options are available by contacting the city GIS Administrator. Please request GIS data from the public records request portal. Additional products will be available through this site in the near future.


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