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Office of Emergency Management

OEM LogoWelcome to the City of Kirkland’s Office Of Emergency Management (OEM) Emergency Preparedness website. Our mission is to work in partnership with the community to provide useful information for readiness, response, and recovery for all hazards.

The City has invested in updating the geological hazard maps to help residents and businesses understand their potential risk for landslide. The presentation of findings by Kathy Troost, UW Department of Earth Space and Science was provided at a public meeting on December 11, 2017. The presentation can be viewed on the  Geologically Hazardous Area Code Amendments city website.

On this site you will find valuable information designed to help residents, businesses, and organizations prepare for the next emergency or disaster in Kirkland.

To assist you in helping yourself, your loved ones, your community and local government, we have compiled disaster preparedness information designed to:

  • help you prepare for disasters that take place when you’re at home, work, or on the road.
  • learn how to obtain helpful information during disasters.  
  • direct you to local, regional, and national resources for preparedness information.
  • find out how to become active in community preparedness activities.
  • obtain additional skills that are useful for responding during disasters.
  • understand how your City is preparing and how we will respond during disasters.  

As part of its mission to work in partnership with the community, the Office of Emergency Management also provides training, information, and outreach to the public regularly and upon request. For additional information or to request an emergency preparedness presentation, please contact Helen Ahrens-Byington at (425) 587-3603, or or Heather Kelly at (425) 587-3670, or

Fire Services
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General Inquiries
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