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Rescue Response

Kirkland Fire is the lead agency in the region on Technical Rescue Operations. Kirkland continues to shape the response, training and equipment policies of the response partners in Northeast King County, known as Zone One. In 2013, Rescue
Technicians conducted training in Structural Collapse Rescue, Trench Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Water Rescue and Rope Rescue. Every year firefighters from across the northwest are trained in Technical Rescue by programs that are managed by Kirkland Fire.

In 2013, 105 Northwest firefighters were trained and certified in Trench Collapse Rescue, Rope Rescue, Confined Space Rescue and Rescue Systems. All of this training was coordinated and facilitated by Kirkland Firefighters.

There are 28 Kirkland Firefighters that are trained as Rescue Technicians. All other Firefighters are trained to the Operations (support) level in specialized rescue. The technicians are assigned to Kirkland’s Ladder Company and respond from Fire Station 27 in the Totem Lake area. Kirkland Fire resources are trained to handle a variety of rescue capabilities including:

  •   Near Shore Water Rescue
  •   Rope Rescue, high and low angle
  •   Confined Space Rescue
  •   Trench Rescue
  •   Structural Collapse Rescue
  •   Vehicle & Machinery Rescue
water recuers in lake

Fire Services
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