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Residential sewer rates are based on average winter water consumption (AWWC) which is calculated annually on each residence.

Sewer Rates 2016 Rate
2 Month Billing
2017 Rate
2 Month Billing
Basic Charge - King County Wastewater Treatment $84.06 $88.44
Kirkland Wastewater (6 Units Included) $26.88 $27.80
Total Minimum Charge $110.94 $116.24
Sewer consumption charge per unit of average
winter water consumed
$4.48 $4.63

 An additional fee of 10.5 percent, for the City of Kirkland Utility Tax, is also included and listed separately on your bi-monthly utility bill. KMC 5.08.050

Finance and Administration
Street Address: 123 5th Avenue, Kirkland WA 98033
Mailing Address: Utility Billing
P.O. Box 3865, Seattle, Washington 98124-3865

General Inquiries
T. 425.587.3001 | F. 425.587.3019