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Pet Licenses

Thank you for being a responsible owner and licensing your pet. The City of Kirkland contracts for animal control with King County, so if you live in Kirkland, your pet will receive a King County animal license

Pet licenses can be purchased at any one of the more than 100 sales locations.  All dogs and cats must be licensed within the City of Kirkland.  

You can license your pet by one of the following easy methods:

Kirkland locations include:

  • Kirkland City Hall (Customer Accounts counter), 123 5th Avenue
  • Eastside Auto Licensing, 12006 NE 85th St  

License Fees

Type Comments Cost
Juvenile Under 6 months of age;6 months expiration. $15
Altered Proof required $30
Unaltered $60
Senior Proof that pet is altered and proof that owner is 65 years of age or older is required $15
Service Animal Statement that owner has disability and animal is a service animal. $0
Replacement License Tags If your pet loses his license tag during the license year $5

Acceptable Proof of Spaying or Neutering
  • A statement or receipt from your veterinarian or clinic that did the surgery or who has examined your pet and can verify the surgery.
  • Previous license information showing spay/neuter.
  • A signed Owner's Statement (link to King County) certifying that your pet has been spayed or neutered
  • For more information, please visit

Vicious Animals

City of Kirkland contracts with King County Animal Control for all animal control services.  If you have a complaint or concerns about any animals, please contact Regional Animal Services of King County.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I bring my pet into City Hall and have your agent check to see if it has been altered?

No. Written documentation from a licensed veterinarian stating that the alteration has taken place is required or a signed Owner's Statement certifying that your pet has been spayed or neutered.

  • My pet is too old to be altered. Can I get a license at the $30.00 rate?

Written documentation from a licensed veterinarian stating that the pet is too old to reproduce is required.

  • My dog or cat is a service animal, do I need a license?

Yes, but if you have a disability and use a trained service animal to assist you, you can receive the animal license at no cost. Please provide a statement that you have a disability and that your animal has been trained and is used to assist you due to your disability. The pet license fee is waived.

  • My pet has lost his current license, can I get a replacement?

    Yes, replacement tags are available for $5.

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