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North Rose Hill Neighborhood Connection Projects

Neighborhood Connection Program 1999-2010:

The Neighborhood Connection Program invited residents to learn about City services, ask questions, and suggest neighborhood improvements. The purpose of the program was to:
  • Provide neighborhoods with the resources to address neighborhood needs.
  • Strengthen the relationship between City Hall and the neighborhoods.
  • Support neighborhood associations in expanding their membership.
  • Increase awareness of the City’s neighborhood services.
  • Build partnerships to improve Kirkland’s neighborhoods.

Every three years, neighborhood residents were given the opportunity to identify and prioritize improvements to their neighborhood. In ten years, over a million dollars of improvements (90 projects) were completed. City Council allocated $25,000 for each neighborhood’s top priority projects. Due to the economic downturn in 2010, the program was eliminated.

Residents are still invited to suggest Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) as the City prepares its six-year Capital Improvement Program.

Park Improvement/Project #76

Project 76

Project Year: 2007
Location: 132nd Ave NE and 104th St (Mark Twain Park)
Description: Install second basketball hoop, resurface court, paint key and 3-point line.
Cost: $7,500

Crosswalk Improvement/Project #75

NRH_Project 75  NRH_Project 75a

Project Year:
Location: Slater Ave NE & NE 100th Street
Description: Install two curb bulbs and a median at the foot of the emergency/pedestrian/bicycle overpass for pedestrian and bicyclist safety.
Cost: $12,500

Street Lights/Project #74

NRH Project 74

Project Year:
Location: Slater Ave NE (between NE 97th and NE 105th Streets)
Description: Installed seven street lights on existing poles to illuminate dark sections of Slater Ave NE.
Cost: $4,200

Park Improvement/Project #73

Project 73

Project Year:
Location: 124th Ave NE & NE 97th St (Woodlands Playground)
Description: Add native trees and landscaping around playground to provide shade. Install bike rack to encourage biking to the park.
Cost: $3,500

Neighborhood Beautification/Project #37

NRoseHill Project 37
Project Year: 2004
Location: North Rose Hill Neighborhood
Description: Planted approximately 45 street trees to enhance streetscape.
Cost: $3,750

Park Improvement/Project #36

NRH Project 36 NRoseHill Project 36b

Project Year:
Location: 132nd Ave NE and 104th St (Mark Twain Park)
Description: Replaced basketball hoop and backboard, added new swing set, and repaired drainage on northwest portion of the trail.
Cost: $11,250

Street Lights/Project #35

NRH Project 35

Project Year:
Location: NE 100th St and 128th Ave NE
Description: Installed street lighting to improve pedestrian safety.
Cost: $10,000

Crosswalk Improvement/Project #12

NRH Project 12

Project Year:
Location: 124th Ave NE and NE 97th St
Description: Installed traffic island for pedestrian crossing.
Cost: $25,000

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