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Transportation Commissioners Background

 Lisa A. McConnell, Central Houghton

I have been a resident of the Houghton neighborhood since 1997.  Currently the co-chair of the Central Houghton Neighborhood Association, I have also held other positions, as well as representing my neighborhood in KAN.  I have participated in our neighborhood plan update, park bond exploratory committee, and am a Green Kirkland Park Steward for Carillon Woods.  I have been a longtime advocate for the development  of a world class trail for pedestrians and bikers on the Cross Kirkland Corridor.  I hope to bring an average citizen and neighborhood perspective to the Transportation Commission, as well as share information from the Commission out into the community. (Return to KTC Page) 

Michael Snow, Finn Hill

I am an instructional designer who develops online training courses for road construction crews and engineers. My Company, Pavia Systems, is a leader in creating e-learning for the paving industry, work to stay on top of the latest developments in technology and practices. The topics I have trained on range from pavement design to safety issues to environmental regulations. 

As a resident of the Finn Hill annexation area, I am interested in seeing the expanded city of Kirkland maintain and develop its transportation infrastructure. I would like to make sure that we have a sustainable system of roads and services that connect the city's neighborhoods and help people get from place to place. As an attorney, I am able to understand any legal issued involved.  (Return to KTC Page)

Ken Dueker, Moss Bay

Prior transportation experience has been career long, with academic appointments at the University of Wisconsin- Madison, the University of Iowa, ending as Professor Emeritus of urban studies and planning, Portland State University.  Also, I directed the Center for Urban Studies and the Transportation Studies Center at Portland State.  After retiring from Portland State I moved back to my home state of Washington. 

I have also served on Kirkland's Parking Advisory Board and look forward to advising the Council on transportation.  As Kirkland grows we face challenging transportation issues. (Return to KTC Page)

John PerlicNorkirk

I'm currently the Transportation Division Manager in the Parametrix Bellevue office. My professional background is in transportation planning and engineering and I've led major transit, non-motorized facility, and highway planning projects over the last 30 years. I very much enjoy the challenge of working in a highly public environment with multiple stakeholders to implement balanced transportation infrastructure solutions.

I have lived in Kirkland since 1985, and currently reside in the Norkirk area. I commend Kirkland's elected officials, staff and Commission members for their forward looking views on transportation. I look forward to working with everyone to provide safe mobility options for Kirkland residents to walk, bike, ride transit, and drive throughout the City. (Return to KTC Page)

Xander Fiss, North Rose Hill
I am a Program Manager at Microsoft. I've lived in the Seattle area since 2009 and in Kirkland's North Rose Hill neighborhood since 2012.   My first experiences in the area were car-free, and I continue to use public transit frequently. I bike commute year round, even in our damp, long, and cold winters. I have a strong working knowledge of how to get around the area, the most important missing links, how to design with cyclists in mind, and the changes we can make to improve safety for all.

I hope to bring this perspective to the commission as we look to provide transportation infrastructure that is scalable, pragmatic, and safe.  (Return to KTC Page)

Kurt Ahrensfeld, Highlands

I am a registered civil engineer with over 36 years of experience in the transportation consulting field, serving primarily local agencies (State, County and Cities) within the Puget Sound Region. As a Senior Project Manager in the Perteet Everett office, I have been involved in highway, transit, and non-motorized improvement projects for improving safety, mobility and capacity. These projects typically involve multiple public and regulatory agencies, numerous stakeholders and ever increasing public outreach. I find that my profession is rewarding not only for seeing projects successfully completed, but also the opportunity to work as a team and to create synergy and endorsement with stakeholders.

As a resident of Highlands for over 20 years, I have seen considerable growth and change in the greater Kirkland area and the challenges to maintain the spirit and atmosphere that is attractive to not only residents but local, national and international visitors. The growth of traffic and congestion and decreasing parking particularly downtown reinforce the need to make the community more livable and walkable. Improvements that make the city more attractive to pedestrian and bicycle traffic has the benefit of reducing the vehicular demand on limited infrastructure. I am excited by the opportunity to be part of the creation of short and long term solutions to transportation issues we face within the City.