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Salary Commission

Past Meeting Minutes
Salary Commission Minutes-Draft 08/27/13 (PDF)
Minutes (PDF)- 11/29/12
 (PDF) + Attachments - 10/23/12
MinutesAttachments - 9/27/12
(PDF) - 09/27/11
Minutes (PDF) -09/28/10
(PDF) - 08/24/10
Minutes (PDF) – 09/29/09
Minutes (PDF) – 08/26/08
Minutes (PDF) – 09/11/07
Minutes (PDF) - 01/24/06
Minutes (PDF) – 12/8/05
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Kirkland Municipal Code:

3.08.010 Salaries - Elected Officials (Councilmember, Mayor)external link icon

Chapter 3.11 - Salary Commissionexternal link icon

Revised Code of Washington:

RCW 35.21.015 Salary Commissionsexternal link icon


As authorized by RCW 35.21.015, in 2005 the City of Kirkland established a Salary Commission to set the salaries of the Mayor and City Council Members. The Salary Commission is made up of three citizens who are appointed for staggered terms by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council.

If the Salary Commission elects to change the salaries of the Mayor and City Council Members, it files the salary adjustment with the City Clerk and the adjustment automatically becomes effective. No action of the City Council is required. Any
recommended salary increases go
into effect immediately for the Mayor and City
Council Members regardless of their terms.
However, salary decreases established by the
Salary Commission only become effective as to
incumbent City Council Members at the commencement of their next term.

In 2013, the Salary Commission completed its eighth review of the salaries paid to the Mayor and City Council.  At a public meeting in August 2013, the Salary Commission voted to make the Mayor and Council eligible to participate in the City’s medical, dental and vision benefits package available to City employees.  The Mayor and Council Member choosing to participate in these benefits shall be eligible for “employee only” coverage.  The City shall pay the same premium equivalent for these benefits as paid for a full time equivalent City employee.  In lieu of receiving medical, dental or vision benefits, the Mayor or Council may opt to be paid an allowance of $300/month.  Copies of the Resolutions are posted below. 

Salary Resolutions
Resolution No. 13-001 (PDF)
Resolution No. 12-001 (PDF)
Resolution No. 09-001 (PDF)
Resolution No. 07-001 (PDF)
Resolution No. 06-001 (PDF)

Upcoming Meeting - Agenda
August 19, 2014
5 pm
City Hall, Council Chambers

The Salary Commission meets not less than one time per year, during the months of August or September. 

Jeffry Canin
Santos Contreras
M. Larry McKinney

Tracey Dunlap, Director of Finance and Administration
Robin Jenkinson, City Attorney 
James Lopez, Director of Human Resources

Page updated: Aug. 4, 2014