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Cultural Arts Commission

Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission

Art on the Cross Kirkland Corridor (CKC)
The Kirkland City Council purchased a 5.75 miles section of the 42 mile Eastside Rail Corridor in 2012 and a Master Plan was completed in 2013. Building off of the Master Plan, the Cultural Arts Commission is leading efforts to imagine how art, in a variety of forms, including performance, interactive, ephemeral and permanent, can be incorporated in the corridor experience.

CKC Art Terra HolcombCross Kirkland Corridor Artist in Residence
On October 8, 2016 Kirkland resident and artist Terra Holcomb will unveil a ten-foot tall tree hollow or “snag” on the Kirkland Cross Corridor. The tree will be made from thousands of yellowing, heart shaped cottonwood leaves layered together creating a mosaic. The interior or “heartwood” will be visible through tree hollows where visitors can peek inside to read poems embroidered onto maple leaves about nature, paths and the restorative qualities of walking. The top of the tree will be seeded regularly with bird seed to encourage wildlife visitors. At night, the interior will also glow from solar lights.

The tree will be standing along the Corridor at the intersection of 110th Ave NE Ave in the Highlands Neighborhood until mid-November. Follow the Cross Kirkland Corridor Facebook page for updates.

Artist in Residence Community Involvement
Help collect 10,000 leaves: As you walk the CKC there will be collection bins placed on the Corridor for you to help collect fallen Cottonwood leaves that will be used in the creation of art.

Submit your favorite nature poems: Original or quoted submit your favorite poems to be incorporated in the art. Submit poems to or at a community workshop.

Come to a Community Workshop:  Help sort, clean, assemble or embroider leaves for the project. If you write poetry, please bring your own to stitch or write out for others to work on.

–Saturday September 10, 2016, 11am-3pm: City of Kirkland Maintenance Center, 1129 8th Street, Kirkland, WA Register for the workshop

–Saturday September 24, 2016, 11am-3pm: City of Kirkland Maintenance Center, 1129 8th Street, Kirkland, WA Register for the workshop 

Cross Kirkland Corridor Art Integration Plan
On November 16 an initial planning session presentation (PDF-12 MB) took place to gather public input (PDF-2 MB). A second public meeting (PDF-6 MB) took place on January 20, 2016 that welcomed all levels of the community to shape the evolving corridor as a catalyst for art and creative cultural placemaking.

On July 19 the draft Art Integration Plan (PDF-8 MB) was presented to City Council. The Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission held a meeting on August 30, 2016 to review and comment on the draft CKC Art Integration Plan. Comments from the meeting will become part of the final Art Integration Plan.

We welcome your thoughts, comments, excitement and involvement in creating community art experiences on the Cross Kirkland Corridor. If you are unable to attend the public session please share your comments to

Arts in Kirkland
Kirkland is a distinguished art and cultural destination that features celebrated galleries, art and cultural organizations, individual artist and events. It’s not by accident that those who live, work, and play here have become art enthusiasts in some way. Public art greets and intrigues you throughout the City, performances happen year round and art galleries showcase traditional and new art forms. Visit the City’s tourism website to explore Kirkland’s diverse art scene.

Crane and its VigilanceKirkland Cultural Arts Commission
The Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission is a volunteer board that works to help arts, culture and heritage grow and thrive in the City of Kirkland. Along with supporting art and cultural initiatives throughout the year the Cultural Arts Commission advises the City Council on art acquisition and promotes strategic arts planning in Kirkland.

In the 2009 Strategic Plan for the Arts, Culture, and Heritage of Kirkland, the following vision statement captures the ideals of the Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission:

“The City of Kirkland strongly values the integration of diverse art, culture and heritage to enrich the quality of daily life and enrich a dynamic community. Between 2010 and 2020, Kirkland will greatly strengthen the aesthetics and economy of our lakeside community by becoming a notable arts destination.”

Parkplace Sculpture GalleryPublic Art
The Cultural Arts Commission is charged with managing and curating the City's public art collection, including a 1% for the Arts mandate for City projects over a certain threshold. In addition, the Cultural Arts Commission has partnered with neighborhood associations as well as private developers to expand the public art offerings.

Park Lane in downtown Kirkland just got the final touches with the installation of an outdoor sculpture gallery. Curated by the Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission, sculptures are displayed on a rotating basis and for sale to the public. Interested artists may submit an application (PDF-646 kb) and sculptures are accepted on a rolling basis.

The Cultural Arts Commission meets on the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 4 to 6 p.m., Kirkland City Hall. You are welcome to share your art ideas with it by attending the meeting or emailing
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