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Cultural Arts Commission

 Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission
Cultural Council Art
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Cultural Art Commission Announcement and Funding Application (PDF-120 kb)
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Congratulations to this year's CACHET Award Winners: Kathy Feek & Kirkland Performance Center tv_camera         
- Public Art Maintenance Policy (Feb. 2014) (PDF - 25kb)

- Join the Art Event mailing list

- Public Art Walking Tour
(PDF-1.4 MB)

- "Bringing Public Art to Private Development" tv_camera

- Kirkland Public Art Policy Guidelines (PDF-1.4 MB)

- Vision 2020 Strategic Plan for Art, Culture & Heritage (2009)
(PDF-1.5 MB)
- Kirkland Heritage Society

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- 2014 Cultural Council Roster

Kirkland is a distinguished art and cultural destination that features celebrated galleries, art and cultural organizations, individual artist and events. It’s not by accident that those who live, work, and play here have become art enthusiasts in some way. Public art greets and intrigues you throughout the City, performances happen year round and art galleries showcase traditional and new art forms.

The Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission is a volunteer board that works to help arts, cultural and heritage grow and thrive in the City of Kirkland. Along with supporting art and cultural initiatives throughout the year the Cultural Arts Commission advises the City Council on art acquisition and promotes strategic arts planning in Kirkland.

In the 2009 Strategic Plan for the Arts, Culture, and Heritage of Kirkland, the following vision statement captures the ideals of the Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission:

“The City of Kirkland strongly values the integration of diverse art, culture and heritage to enrich the quality of daily life and enrich a dynamic community. Between 2010 and 2020, Kirkland will greatly strengthen the aesthetics and economy of our lakeside community by becoming a notable arts destination.”

Public Art

CAC Artist Scott TrimbleThe Cultural Arts Commission is charged with managing and curating the City's public art collection, including a 1% for the Arts mandate for City projects over a certain threshold. In addition, the Cultural Arts Commission has partnered with neighborhood associations as well as private developers to expand the public art offerings.

Photo: Cultural Arts Commission members Marianna Hanefeld, Ryan James and Gaerda Zeiler with Artist Scott Trimble


The Cultural Arts Commission meets on the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 4 to 6 p.m., Kirkland City Hall. You are welcome to share your art ideas with it by attending the meeting or emailing
Additionally, the Commission manages an E-newsletter that promotes upcoming art events in Kirkland.