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About Kirkland 2035
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Final Comp Plan Wordle (View Full Size Graphic - 367k)
Throughout 2013 and 2015, Kirkland leaders will be engaging with citizens in a conversation about the City’s future. Neighbors, business owners, community groups and students are needed to participate in important conversations about land use, transportation, parks, open space and other vital services. So, put on your thinking caps and start imagining Kirkland in the year 2035.

Updating Kirkland’s Comprehensive Plan is a central conversation the City is initiating. The Comprehensive Plan is a requirement of the Growth Management Act (GMA). It’s a document that looks toward a 20-year horizon for Kirkland. Its core purpose is to help define—through goals, objectives and policies—how Kirkland should best manage traffic, accommodate forecasted household and job growth, and provide open space and recreational opportunities and other vital services. For Kirkland, it's time to update its Comprehensive Plan to bring into focus the vision for Kirkland for the year 2035.

The Comprehensive Plan Update provides an opportunity to review existing Neighborhood Plan Chapters to determine if changes are needed.

In addition to updating the core element chapters of the Comprehensive Plan, the City is developing new long-range plans for transportation, the Cross Kirkland Corridor, Totem Lake Parksurface water management utility and parks, and recreation and open spaces. Portions of these plans will be integrated into the Comprehensive Plan, where appropriate.

Public involvement is vital to these initiatives. We hope that you will join the conversation by sharing your voice, attending meetings, and learning more through educational opportunities.

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