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CKC Interim Trail Construction Map ImageTransformation of the Cross Kirkland Corridor: In mid-July 2014, construction of the Interim Trail began.  The contractor is installing all-weather crushed gravel surface for the full 5.75 miles and improving street crossings with paving and rapid flashing beacons.  Construction is scheduled to be complete in December.

In late August 2013, work began to remove and salvage the rail and other materials along the Corridor. This work was completed in late October 2013 making way for the construction of the Interim Trail . The community celebrated the transformation of the corridor on Sunday, October 27, 2013 with a community walk. A groundbreaking event was held on June 28, 2014 to celebrate the kick off of construction of the Interim Trail.

Kirkland's vision:
Connectivity to schools, parks, businesses and neighborhoods. Multi-modal transportation opportunities. A recreation and business corridor that reflects Kirkland’s commitment to balanced transportation, economic development, and parks, open spaces and recreational services. The City’s vision for the Cross Kirkland Corridor is fast becoming a reality. Kirkland is one of the region’s most livable communities with its desirable blend of work and leisure. A commitment to a healthy environment and healthy lifestyle with opportunities to work close to home, school, and services, makes Kirkland attractive to those who create businesses here, those who live here, and those who are visiting. The Kirkland community has long recognized the importance of this corridor and its potential as a world-class, world-famous, example of sustainability and livability.
CKC Access Point Map ImageKirkland residents and business have shown their strong support of the Corridor by approving a permanent property tax parks levy in 2012 that provides funding for the maintenance and operation of the Corridor and for the construction of an Interim Trail. Additionally, individuals, companies, and neighborhood groups have pledged a commitment to keep the Corridor clean through the "Adopt a Trail" program. As of June 2013, all of the 23 one-quarter mile segments have been adopted. (Adopt-A-Trail Map PDF 828 KB)

Regional coordination of the Eastside Rail Corridor:
The Cross Kirkland Corridor is a 5.75 mile segment of the 42-mile Eastside Rail Corridor. The Eastside Rail Corridor runs from Renton, WA to Snohomish, WA. The City purchased the Cross Kirkland Corridor from the Port of Seattle in April 2012. In August 2012, the Port of Seattle approved the sale of portions of the Eastside Rail Corridor to King County and in December 2012, the King County Council unanimously voted to purchase a 15.6-mile portion of the Eastside Rail Corridor. In 2010, the City of Redmond purchased a "spur" within its city limits (Redmond Central Connector) and King County is interested in developing the corridor as dual-use.

Stay connected:
The City is committed to keeping the community and beyond informed about the status of the Corridor. Read regular updates in"All Things CKC" aboutthe Interim Trail and Master Plan.

Page updated: Dec. 31, 2014